FSC Architects is a Platinum Sponsor of CHICOS in Bermuda including James (Jim) Freeman, AIA, Co-Founder & Principal

November 20, 2017

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FSC Architects' Co-Founder & Principal James Freeman, AIA spoke at CHICOS 2017 in Bermuda

Bermuda was an amazing host country, idealistic island backdrop and buffet of charming people, wonderful places and activities for the Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference and Operations Summit (CHICOS) 2017. James (Jim) Freeman, AIA participated on the panel moderated by Jeff Higley titled Regional Hotel Design. Jim defined Contemporary Regionalism as the infusion of culture, history, climate and the natural environment of a particular place, then transcended into new, fresh and exciting contemporary design creating authentic memorable guest experiences that enrich life. FSC Architects Platinum Sponsorship attracted all four company partners, and all parted with lasting memories and several new friendships.

FSC Architects is an international resort design firm focused on creating bespoke authentic guest experiences they believe are the most memorable by enriching life. They specialize in hotel architecture, resort design, resort master planning, integrated resorts, boutique resorts, mixed-use and residential projects that require their excellent place-making skills and transcendent adaptation of culture, climate, place and natural environment.

CHICOS is annually produced by HVS within the Caribbean and Bermuda.