James Freeman

James G. Freeman, AIA


Jim’s philosophy when it comes to architecture and design is that the whole should always be greater than the sum of its parts. He sees this idea as essential to his success as a designer and cornerstone for every project that he undertakes. He approaches architecture with an open mind and an artistic curiosity that has allowed him the freedom to adapt and to innovate as he creates. He hopes that this approach helps him to be not only a better architect, but also a more responsible citizen of the world. He is a founding member of FSC Architects and has completed projects across sixteen countries, including having a strong presence throughout Asia-Pacific where his projects have earned him multiple prestigious awards.

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Benjamin C. Candari, AIA


Benjamin sees architecture as a balance between science and art. With a strong background in fine art and a natural inclination toward practical design, he strives to find balance in every project that he undertakes. He has worked and completed projects all over the world, with a strong presence throughout Asia including in China, Tibet, and Taiwan. Through his extensive international experience he has learned to take inspiration from both the local culture and the natural environment, and believes that a well-designed structure should function as an asset to its surroundings, as opposed to simply an addition. As a founding member of FSC Architects, Benjamin sees this idea of balance in design as an essential tenet in creating not only a unique space, but also an extraordinary experience.

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