James (Jim) Freeman, AIA, Co-Founder & Principal, FSC Architects Speech at HICP, Manila, Philippines Focused on Authentic Memorable Guest Experience Resort Design

February 28, 2017

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James Freeman, AIA Co-Founder & Principal of FSC Architects gave a compelling speech about creating authentic memorable guest experiences at the Hotel Investment Conference Philippines (HICP) in February 2017. James (Jim) emphasized that hotels and resorts should create memorable guest experiences that enrich life through authentic and passionate design and program that reconnects nature with humans to motivate repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations. His slide show provided supporting data and several stunning images from his projects and world travel.

The Fairmont Makati, Philippines hosted this exciting conference produced by Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd.

FSC Architects is an international resort design firm focused on creating bespoke authentic guest experiences they believe are the most memorable by enriching life. They specialize in hotel architecture, resort design, resort master planning, integrated resorts, boutique resorts, mixed-use and residential projects that require their excellent place-making skills and transcendent adaptation of culture, climate, place and natural environment.