James (Jim) Freeman, AIA - Keynote Speaker on Hospitality Design at Borneo Architecture Festival on YouTube

September 27, 2019

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In this packed presentation Jim talks about demand revealing hotel guest surveys, the environment, a hospitality design policy statement and a few of his projects summarized as:

1. Sharing hotel guest surveys that reveal they want destinations that provide authentic experiences, personal enrichment, rest and relaxation, one-of-kind experiences, lasting memories of time well spent.

2. Reminding us of our innate connection with nature having been closely connected for over 99% of human evolutionary history, of natures intrinsic value, some of the human health benefits when connected with nature and how interdependent we are with nature, but that human's degradation of the environment nears a tipping point that requires serious action.

3. Defining authentic memorable guest experiences to be about incorporating culture, climate, people, place and the natural environment in transcendent ways, that "create not only places for living but Living Places" that are alive with positive energy enriching life, and reminded us of one of his favorite sayings "The Whole Should Always be Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts!

4. Sharing how all of this culminates in his proposed hospitality design policy: To create authentic memorable experiences enriching life through passionate design and programming reconnecting humans with nature and realizing their interdependence requires a sustainable approach to finite resources.

5. Sharing a few examples of his resort design that incorporate these beliefs.

FSC Architects is an international resort design firm focused on creating bespoke authentic guest experiences they believe are the most memorable by enriching life. They specialize in hotel architecture, resort design, resort master planning, integrated resorts, boutique resorts, mixed-use and residential projects that require their excellent place-making skills and transcendent adaptation of culture, climate, place and natural environment.

See YouTube link below to watch full presentation: