James Freeman, AIA, Co-Founder/Principal, FSC Architects interviewed for a Hotel News Now (HNN)

September 19, 2019

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Experts' tips for storm-resilient hotels


James Freeman, AIA, Co-Founder/Principal, FSC Architects was interviewed for this Hotel News Now article by Danielle Hess published 5 September 2019, titled Experts' tips for storm-resilient hotels. James, a resort designer for over twenty years, emphasized that although building codes were significantly upgraded after Category 5 Hurricane Iniki and Andrew slammed into Kauai, Hawaii and Florida respectively in 1992, hotels could go beyond codes, that are intended as a minimum standard, and thereby cause less damage to the buildings, in particular to water infiltration, and less stress on the hotel guests both during and after the event. See link for complete article.

FSC Architects is an international resort design firm focused on creating bespoke authentic guest experiences they believe are the most memorable by enriching life. They specialize in hotel architecture, resort design, resort master planning, integrated resorts, boutique resorts, mixed-use and residential projects that require their excellent place-making skills and transcendent adaptation of culture, climate, place and natural environment.

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