FSC Architects are helping to save coral reefs, one at a time

November 04, 2020

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How do you make a dream on paper translate into reality? This expertise is exactly what FSC Architects has mastered by designing numerous tropical tourist destinations over the years. Using this skill, FSC is proud to support the Legacy Reef Foundation in visualizing how their new mobile coral restoration labs will look in remote locations around the globe.

Based at the Natural Energy Lab in sunny Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii allows the Legacy Reef Foundation easy access to the reefs as well as unlimited surface seawater and deep nutrient-rich seawater. Planning to become one of the top coral research centers in the world, the Foundation is dedicated to create healthy reefs throughout the world by partnering with seaside communities to ensure coastal residents have a sustainable food source for generations to come.

In order to help local communities to start and maintain coral reef protection and restoration projects, the Legacy Reef Foundation is developing the necessary technology to install and run user-friendly coral restauration labs. Using shipping container as a starting point, these off-grid, solar-powered, and portable labs are accessible to communities with few resources.

For more information about the Legacy Reef Foundation and to see the new renderings that FSC Architects did for their upcoming project in action please visit their website at: www.legacyreeffoundation.org

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