Benjamin Candari, AIA spoke on the latest trends in hospitality in hotel design

October 25, 2019

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Benjamin Candari AIA, Co-Founder & Principal of FSC Architects was one of Panel Speakers at Hospitality Conference Philippines on the "Latest Trends in Hotel Design."

1) Some analysts predict that the mobile device will be if not the sole then at least the most important contact between hoteliers and their customers. What is your take on this and what does it mean for hotel design?

"Guest are familiar with their devices, so they will use them. The device becomes the link to hotel staff and other guests. Guest perhaps can text their requests to the receptionist, and unlock and control their rooms. Good connectivity will be a critical part of the guest amenities. Hotels need to be designed that will accommodate and utilize these technologies as part of their revenue stream…”

2) Future leaders will apply more and different criteria in their decision-making process, environmental issues, and social responsibility will play a major role. How will this influence hotel design?

"Social and environmental consciousness in the Hotel design is one of the things current travelers are looking for. For instance, some hotel chains no longer use individual plastic packages for their toiletries, but use more sustainable/refillable bottles. The design and user interface of these refillables can be something a guest will remember and be an "instagramable guest experience." That is why we should be paying attention.

3) How will the hotel room in the near future look?

"Current hotel trends will be obsolete by the time we design and build your hotel. I think there will be technology and advancement that will become classic, such as LED and to be able to control your room by voice or gestures, but other things like AI will continue to change. I think a future hotel room needs some of these classic tech but it should be subtle. Hotel rooms will be simple and flexible. They will also be more socially and environmentally sensible in terms of the use of materials. Upper end hotel rooms will have a subtle tech and more focus on human interaction - face to face interaction between guest and staff is still important."

Technology can be very expensive and gets obsolete quickly. So, I think you should be smart and cautious on going overboard with technology in your hotel rooms."