A Journey in Rough Seas

December 14, 2020

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In Hawaii, the saying is that a storm, despite the destruction that might come with it, is meant to clean the islands.

Nobody anticipated what a turbulent year 2020 would be. The double twenties had a promising appeal: a year to remember! How little did we know that this would be remarkably true, merely in a different way. Everyone had their own challenges to master, their own personal hardships to bear. Looking forward, we see it as a chance, like the “the cleaning of a storm”. It is the chance to pause and rethink, replan and respond, to come out stronger on the other side with new ideas in mind.

This is where our creativity as designers gives us a head start. We are daily confronted with change and the quest for solutions in our designs. For us this means, while solving the specific needs, to also envision the overall picture and transpose it to an all-embracing better experience.

When a year is inching to its end, we start to reflect and prepare for the new year ahead. That seemingly small change of a simple number at the end of the calendar year often has a large impact in our perception. The challenges of 2020 won’t disappear going into 2021 but it is the opportunity to gather an extra portion of optimism. Particularly our industry needs it and we can see the light on the horizon: Hawaii has been welcoming tourists again after a long period of isolation and guest numbers elsewhere are slowly climbing up again as well. This gradual recovery is our chance to recreate exciting destinations, meaningful experiences and sustainable interactions.

As the individuals who are FSC Architects, we want to thank our clients, friends and families who supported us through this year and we are looking forward to strengthening our relationships and to expanding them to the new people that we will meet. These are rough seas and we are grateful that our journey has been safe and steady this year. While our continued navigation will demand carefulness and vigilance from all of us, we are believing that there will be land in sight in due course. It is up to us to design and create this “land” to what we want it to be.

FSC Architects is an international resort design firm focused on creating bespoke authentic guest experiences they believe are the most memorable by enriching life. They specialize in hotel architecture, resort design, resort master planning, integrated resorts, boutique resorts, mixed-use and residential projects that require their excellent place-making skills and transcendent adaptation of culture, climate, place and natural environment.