Sananda Bay Resort

Enchanting Beach Resort

Sananda Bay Resort is a world class integrated complex of game-changing resorts and real estate development. It is one of a kind in the islands of Palawan and in the Philippines, a resort destination to relax, rejuvenate, and explore the natural beauty and wonders of Palawan.

Starting with its grand, yet elegant resort entry, a guest will experience a place that is unique in the country. The roads are designed purposely to meander through the serene landscape of meadows and lagoons dissected by waterways to create incredible vistas and to hold to the land’s pastoral heritage. The development takes advantage of the natural pathways of the streams and lagoons to create the individual parcels of resort development.

The development is composed of Sananda Town, which is the heartbeat of the resort; Anya Resort, a world class home grown luxury brand; the Entertainment Resort that is well connected to the Sananda Town to create a synergy unparalleled in Palawan; the Luxury Branded Resort with branded hotel and resort villa offerings; and the Family Resort connected to a water park, which will cater to family focused guests in the resort or outside guests.

The Sananda Bay Resort strives to utilize green and low impact development techniques and practices to be sustainable and exercise development cost sensibility. It will employ clean energy regeneration technology, and utilize solar power buggy carts to transport guests and features solar power streetlights. The main roads will utilize the green street methodology and technique to manage storm water drainage and low impact development. There will be bike lanes and walkways to encourage eco friendly modes of inter-resort transport.

Location Sananda Bay, Palawan, Philippines