Posadas Resorts Litibú

A Story of a Region

The sites for this master plan couldn’t be more distinct than the brands themselves: from almost flat and close to the beach to very hilly and further inland. This is where the inspiration from Nayarit itself is coming into the picture: pearl diving in the Pacific Ocean, Ceboruco’s volcanic activity and the life-bringing Santiago river cutting through the Sierra Madre mountains.

As the lots are separated by mangroves from the beach, the location and orientation of guestrooms becomes crucial to provide as many ocean views as possible. Utilizing the different heights of the hills is allowing even the furthest lots to snatch views above the lower buildings in front of them.

From here the buildings start taking shape referring to the different stories and features of Nayarit to create individual characters for each resort while still connecting them together through the underlying theme of “coming from the mountain and going to the sea”, like the composition of Nayarit itself.

Location Litibú, Nayarit, México