Jellyfish Resort

Like a Dream

The underwater world is all yours in this resort that feels like a fantasy out of One Thousand and One Nights.

The above water terrace, complete with its own infinity edge plunge pool, can be in full sun or shaded depending on where the rotating circular screens are turned. An inner spine supplies the underwater bubble rooms with everything necessary while allowing an uninterrupted 360-degree view. Each level can be independently rotated to provide desired privacy and views. The uninhabited ocean floor zones that will be punctured by the footings will ultimately grow full of corals and sponges to make these buildings part of a lush undersea garden.

Remarkably, The Beatles sang about such a delightful experience already 50 years ago:

We would shout and swim about

The coral that lies beneath the waves [...]

Oh what joy for every girl and boy

Knowing they’re happy and they’re safe

We would be so happy you and me

No one there to tell us what to do

I’d like to be under the sea

In an octopus’s garden with you

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